An investment in a new era!

Use the energy of the future – inexhaustible and full of power!

Our motivation.

It is important to us to promote freedom, independence and personal responsibility on the basis of ethical behavior – regardless of whether business partners, employees or fellow men. Our goal is to make energy accessible to everyone and to create and protect value in a sustainable manner.


A promise to the environment

Our earth is unique – food source, source of energy and habitat.
How long will she be for us? The fossil fuel resources are running out, the climate is already out of balance. We take responsibility! Let’s protect our Earth habitat so there will be a morning for our children! With photovoltaic.

For investors:

German-Solar-Power is constantly developing new photovoltaic projects. We structure your investment in tangible assets with a secure return. German-Solar-Power offers you the opportunity to invest in photovoltaic systems with high solar power yields, a very good economy and thus with an attractive return. Even with declining feed-in tariffs, investment remains economically attractive.



All genomic procedures

Simulation for result / yield simulation

Configuration, turnkey construction

Performance Monitoring

Portfolio Management

Onboard due diligences

Project and license exchange

German contact persons



Every hour, the globe and the surrounding atmosphere receive 175 billion megawatt hours. That means in one hour the sun will radiate all the energy needed by the earth on our planet. The energy of the sun is inexhaustible. Photovoltaic systems convert light energy directly into electrical energy by means of solar cells.

Greece already presented a new national energy plan in December 2019, according to which the country is aiming for a cumulative solar capacity of 7.7 GW by 2030. The capacity is currently 2.7 GW. The total investment for renewable energies in Greece should amount to around 9 billion euros by the end of 2030.

You should talk to us if you:

  • Looking for investments with a secure return
  • Are an owners of a larger area


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